Friday, 7 March 2014

Site 10: Sim Kwong Ho Shophouse, 418 Balestier Road

Question(s): Do you notice anything unique about the architecture/décor of the shophouse? Do you know the film history associated with this building?

Sim Kwong Ho Shophouse


The sight of the Sim Kwong Ho Shophouse, albeit only for a little while, made us feel like we were in Europe. It had a contemporary European disign and colour. on the walls of the Shophouse included images of dragon-like creatures, bats and angelic fairies amongst others.

Information on Sim Kwong Ho shophouses

Of course, Singapore's pioneer Malay director, who eventually left for Kuala Lumpur, filmed his first movie here. Specifically, this shophouse provided the scene for the male lead, Amran, to rescue the beautiful female lead, Azizah, in the movie "Penarek Becha".

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